Tensioplast - plastificazione nel settore della carta e del cartone

Tensioplast: Consulting and design of graphic productsTensioplast presentazione aziendale


nuove tecnologie e macchinari all'avanguardiaTensioplast, founded in 1951, is the first Italian company specialized in the plasticization field of cardboard and paper.
Its continuous research for new technologies and modern equipments widened the processing techniques and the range of products in order to meet the growing needs of a constantly evolving market.
UV coating, screen and thermal printing were introduced besides the traditional working processes.


Tensioplast has always followed a policy aimed to maximum customer satisfaction both in terms of quality and prompt service.
Production flexibility and efficiency satisfactorily respond to the various customers requests.

EXPERIENCEplastificazione, verniciatura delle carte

The long time experience in lamination and coating of cardboard and paper makes Tensioplast a leader in this field.
The close partnership with the most renowned regional, national and foreign editors is the best tangible evidence.
The synergy between highly professional specialists and the best technology and raw materials suppliers sets Tensioplast apart both in Italy and abroad.


Tensioplast has always been careful with environmental problems and energetic savings.
After doing tests in this compartment, in 1994 we installed a electrical cogeneration group which gave us a total self power supply.