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Tensioplast: Hibag, a new feature "freshly baked"Hi Bag Logo Hi Bag a new feature freshly baked

Hi BagFrom today, the world of Take-Away will never be the same again. The pizzas arrive hot and fragrant on the table of customers who prefer to consume it at home, without deteriorating it's quality on the road home. These are the main ingredients of an innovative and exclusive product, already patented:

  • The plastic coated aluminum film lining provides significant thermal insulation;
  • The tube inserted into the lid collects and catches steam emitted from the pizza, preventing the relapse of condensation on the food;
  • The inner lining can be cleaned with a sponge or a damp cloth, allowing you to reuse the container. This extra advantage meets the growing sensitivity of ecologic problems.


Hi Bag can be supplied with different types of graphics, designed to target everyone. It can be very exciting and visually striking: here we offer some examples. On request, Hi Bag can be fully customized with unique graphics provided by the customer and their brand.

your customised Hi Bag


your customised Hi Bag

Hi Bag

il tuo Hi Bag personalizzatoThe tests speak clearly: Hi Bag is a container with unique and exclusive caracteristics. All materials and inks used are non toxic and therefore suitable for food contact according to the national and community regulations. Thanks to the inner lining, also, the "global migration", i.e. the quantity of substance that comes on the material is minimal, well below the limit prescribed by law.

The tests were conducted by an independent scientific laboratory to ensure maximum transparency and objectivity of the results.