Tensioplast - flexible packaging

Tensioplast: flexible packagingFlexible packaging technology

Tensioplast widened its working processes:

Flexible PackagingTensioplast has recently invested in a coating and laminating machinery of new generation.
This plant guarantees high quality standards and constant performances thanks to its operational flexibility and new engineering criteria that complies with any customer request.


Furthermore this equipment can provide:

  • Lamination reel to reel or reel to sheet of various sizes with any plastic films through solventless and water-based adhesive, with metal and printable films of customized calliper and density.
  • Paper and cardboard lamination suitable for different plastic films: OPP, PET, DRY ACETATE PE and WINDOWED.

Tensioplast can also produce on demand insulating film made of aluminium, polyester or PE films or heat-resistant paper.


Our quality standards save the product features, granting optimal hygienic standards, high endurance, and can be applied to:

  • Paper industry (industrial packaging, boxes, cases, labels)
  • Wine industry (cork - cap)
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic compartment
  • Alimentary and Confectionery compartment (take-away or pre-packed food, frozen food, milk, cheese, butter...)
  • Household compartment (cleansing manufacturing industry).